Naked Girl Killed in the Park (1972)

A wealthy industrialist named Johann Wallenberger has showed up dead outside a haunted house ride and is missing all of his money. His insurance company sends its top man, Chris Buyer (Robert Hoffman, Death Carries a Cane). He decides to go undercover by dating the dead man’s daughter Catherine, but before long, he’s in her family home as her mother loses her mind and her sister Barbara starts to seduce him. And oh yeah — more people start dying, which could be anyone from a blackmailer to a family member to even someone else from Chris’ company trying to ruin his good name.

Director Alfonso Brescia is well-known to us here — we did an entire breakdown of his five post-Star Wars science fiction films — and you can trust the man who made The Beast In Space and the underrated Iron Warrior to make something interesting.

I love that this movie has more than one ending and more than one killer. It plays with the form a bit and keeps you guessing. I’m also all for Adolfo Celli showing up in every movie that I watch.


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