MVD BLU RAY RELEASE: Randy Rhoads – Randy Rhoads: Reflections Of A Guitar Icon (2022)

As Ozzy was fired/quit/we can debate that from Black Sabbath, his solo career was incredibly exciting, not just to see what the singer would do next, but because he’d be joined by Randy Rhodes, a young guitar genius from the band Quiet Riot. It didn’t last — Randy died at the young age of 25 in a plane crash — but the legacy has.

This documentary — directed by Andre Relis, written by Michael Bruining and narrated by Tracii Guns — tells his story, from starting in his mother Delores’ music school to being a guitarist copied by nearly everyone. A 1971 Alice Cooper concert — and seeing Glen Buxton and Mick Ronson play live — gave Rhodes the dream to do this for a living. In turn, he inspired so many.

With interviews from Ozzy Osbourne, Dana Strum, Ron Sobol, Rudy Sarzo and Eddie Van Halen, as well as footage of Rhodes performing with Quiet Riot and Osbourne, this is a great film for those that love guitar playing, heavy metal or just want to explore early 80s pop culture.

You can get this from MVD.

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