Shot in 1967 around Dallas, Texas, who could foresee a time when this monster movie would be re-released in England under a whole bunch of titles like E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nastie, E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nasty, The Extraterrestrial Nastie and The Extraterrestrial Nasty. How did people feel when they rented this and got a movie about an alligator that mutated in space?

Directed by James A. Sullivan (who also directed Fairplay, a western family comedy, and The Pickle Goes In the Middle, a gangster comedy about taking over a fast food restaurant; he also edited Manos: The Hands of Fate and Brutal Fury) and written by Russ Marker (who himself directed The Yesterday Machine and The Demon from Devil’s Lake), this is the kind of movie where people allowed their own houses to be used for the production. No one got rich, but hey, we’re talking about this movie fifty years later.

NASA experiment Operation Noah’s Ark sends a whole bunch of animals to the moon and back just to see what will happen with them. What has happened with that kind of scientific method, the kind that says, “Just shoot a monkey into space, fuck it?” Gentlemen, tonight we’re going to blow up the moon.

Fantastic Four-style cosmic rays blast the ship, which falls back to Earth and crashes in Satan’s Hollow, Texas because Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina was, well, not near Texas where this was shot. Then some college students get the bright idea to throw a party at the crash site because, well, look kids have never been smart. The kids of the sixties who want to go back to a great America were dumb enough to party where a UFO crashed and thought ducking and covering would save them when the nukes rained down.

Sheriff Clint Crawford (John Agar) and Professor Alan Clayton (Roger Ready) know there’s only one way to kill a monster: blow it the fuck up. They do. We cheer. The end.

But anyways, Brenda Venus is in this. I am certain she is not a real person. Here’s why: she’s in movies like FMDeathsport and this, but at some point in her life, bought a book at an auction that had Henry Miller’s address in it. She wrote to him, he wrote back and became her mentor. They wrote about 1,500 letters to one another over four years.

She’s in Night Fight.

Sure, I guess.

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