Born in Austria and settling in England, Paul L. Stein directed a ton of movies over his career and this was his next to last, a spy movie which was one of the two genres he worked in most, the other being female-friendly movies. One of its writers, Jack Whittingham, was the screenwriter that worked with Kevin McClory to create the script for Thunderball that was also filmed as Never Say Never Again.

This movie predates  the disclosure of Operation: Paperclip by telling the story of a Nazi scientist who finds his way to the West, murders a professor, takes his place and plans a biological attack on England. It’s a good thing that the evil scientist falls for a lab assistant and starts being all handsy around her or the war would be lost.

Distributor Herbert Bregstein changed the title to Devil’s Plot and played it in theaters, despite the fact that it was already playing on TV under its original title. I love when that happens but if I had seen this twice — and paid once — I probably would not love it so much.

This has a lot of talking, is longer thahn it should be and really is a rough watch. You know what that means? It’s perfect for a Mill Creek box set.

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