I kind of love that this movie starts with real eyewitnesses before telling the tale of Alan Grimes (Nick Plakias), an electronics expert who is trying to figure out where starnge signals are coming from, along with a psychic named Vivian (Cynthia Cline) and two experts from the college named Dan Rivers (Tom Arcuragi) and Dr. Mansfield (LaVerne Light). There’s been a formless alien waiting inside a lake for a thousand years, afraid of assuming the shapes that humans force it into. He claims that only three other humans have embraced alien nature and ascended, which Alan embraces, getting rapidly aged and walking into a lake. Oh man, the sheer smell of dank 70s grass is all over this movie, which ends with a quote from Revelations and ties in UFOs to New Age religion and old fashioned Biblical prophecy.

Shot in Atlanta with no money whatsoever, director and writer Alessandro De Gaetano went on to make  HauntedScoringBloodbath In Psycho TownProject: Metalbeast and Butch Camp, which starred Judy Tenuda.

The end of this movie is filled with words, ideas, video effects and quite literally lo-fi magic. It’s the most BS of all non-Hollywood UFO cash-in mania and I loved it. It reminded me of the days when I’d eat those UFO candies that had info from Project Blue Book inside them, as well as watch Battlestar Galactica with its wild square up reel at the end about how aliens might be real and then stay awake all night, hoping that tonight would finally be the one where I got abducted.

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