Ash and Bone (2022)

Cassie (Angelina Danielle Cama) just moved out to the sticks because her father Lucas (Harley Wallen)  was starting to worry about how bad she was getting. Add a new stepmom (Kaiti Wallen) and a new town and an urban legend and you have quite the plot here.

Directed by Wallen and written by Bret Miller, this movie makes a quick jump from underage drinking to busting into a haunted house along with new friends Anna (Jamie Bernadette) and Tucker (Mason Heidger). What they find are video upon video of women being abducted and assaulted and when the home’s residents, May (Erika Hoveland) and Clete (Jimmy Doom), come home they figure out who broke in and go after them with extreme prejudice.

Wallen has a good eye for putting together his films, which include this as well as Tale of Tails and A Bennett Song Holiday. While not a high gloss production, this has some nice dark tones and looks like some care was put into making it. Growing up in a small town like this, I felt like yelling at Cassie to maybe avoid local bars — even if Mel Novak is the owner — and just drink at home, not getting into trouble.

Ash and Bone is available on demand and on digital from Deskpop Entertainment.

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