Tale of Tails (2021)

We had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of this new series, which is all about a place called Tails. This isn’t the Spearmint Rhino or a fancy white-collar place. This is a topless dive where anything is available for the right price. The owner, Nick Nikolovski (Harley Wallen, Eternal Code) takes advantage of everyone there, from the women who make money from their bodies to the men that spend their cash hoping for a moment of attention. But when the dead body of Amber (Kaiti Wallen, A Bennett Song Holiday), one of his girls, shows up in the bathroom, things start to fall apart.

Amber’s sister, also played by Kaiti Wallen, is a cop who wants to move up. What better way to do so than by getting the answers about her lost sibling?

Directed and co-written by Wallen, this is a gruff, dark series that shows the worst of humanity in the best of light. Filmed in Detroit, Michigan with an eye on Amazon Prime for distribution, I think this is something that exploitation movie and cable series fans can both enjoy.

Horror fans will also be excited to see Yan Birch, the Stairmaster from People Under the Stairs, in four episodes. I had a blast with what has been shared so far and look forward to more of this series.

You can learn more from the official Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Tale of Tails (2021)

  1. We have also watched som episodes of Tale of Tails.
    The story is gritty and tight. We absolutely love Harley’s way of using cliffhangers. It’s a great TV-Drama.
    Helen & Jonas
    producers at Ranrikestudios


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