TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Dead Zone (2022)

What if we took zombies, Michael Jai White, Halo suits, greenscreen, Starship TroopersResident Evil, more zombies, a title that’s been used before, Iron Man visor graphics and Jeff Fahey and threw them all into a blender? Well, it would taste pretty good, to be honest. I loved Dead Zone because it’s the exact kind of movie I’d have rented as a 5 for $5 for 5 nights mom and pop video store pick, along with probably I Come In PeaceThe HiddenClass of 1999 and The Eliminators.

Danner (Tarkan Dospi), Ton (Antuone Torber), Sinclair (J. Michael Weiss) and Boss (Michael Jai White) are the soldiers who must enter the Dead Zone, a place where humans become the undead, to find what could be the cure. And while Boss is his name, he answers to Master Chief Callahan (Jeff Fahey). They’re given their new suits and joined by their inventor, Ajax (Chad Michael Collins).

The suits serve the purpose of both looking cool and allowing stuntmen or other actors to do some of the action as we see the faces of the soldiers all lit up inside their helmets. It’s fine, though, because this movie is packed with action and even has a giant rubbery monster man, which I appreciate.

There’s just one thing missing: a kick-butt female team member. Good news. Goodman (Whitney Nielsen) signs up once they get to her lab.

Somehow better than G.I. Joe while using similar cyber suits, you can’t help but love any movie in which Michael Jai White says, “Side effects may include fuck you.”

Directed by Hank Braxtan (Snake Outta ComptonJurassic Hunt) from a script by international distribution masterminds Jeffrey Giles and Michael Lurie from a story by Michael Klug, I would watch as many sequels as they feel like making for this movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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