TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood (2021)

Chase Brown plays a kid named Robin Hoode, so you know that he has to live up to that and be the one that steals from the head of the school board (Jon Lovitz) when he finds out that that fatcat is stealing money from the fundraisers he and his friends worked so hard to get. 

It’s kind of amazing that this is an Asylum movie to me, because there are no bad CGI monsters or warehouses. Well done.

Directed by Dylan Vox (who has moved into directing but was once in Showgirls 2) from a script by Anna Rasmussen and Ryan Ebert (the team that wrote the upcoming Shark Side of the Moon), this is an innocuous comedy about smart kids and dumb adults. Don’t go in expecting Woody Allen or Bergman or whatever fancypants name you want me to come up with.

I’m just glad Lovitz is getting work. I doubt anyone from the latest cast of SNL will be doing direct to streaming movies in thirty years.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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