TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Howard High (2021)

Howard High School become the lowest-ranked school in the state and there’s nothing that former honor role graduate Frank King (Brian White) can figure out to save it. Then he learns that the Performing Arts Music program has truly talented kids. So that means it’s time to put on a show and save the school.

Chris Stokes, who directed and wrote this movie, also wrote You Got Served, which it’s very similar to. From what I can tell, this started as a series and has been turned into the movie that’s currently playing on Tubi.

You know how I can tell every giallo apart and comment on their quality? I can’t with teen movies because they all seem the same to me and I get all emotional when plucky kids save their school, so I end up crying and realizing that I’m closer to 80 than 20 and can never dance to save my high school, which I hated. Man, why would I want to save it?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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