The Razing (2022)

J. Arcane and Paul Erskine have already made Crucify and NYC Dreams together. Now, they’ve created The Razing, which is all about a group of friends — Corey (Jack Wooton), his wife Ellen (Laura Sampson Hemingway), Ray (Logan Paul Price) and Lincoln (Nicholas Tene) — who gather for Corey’s birthday but they’re continually sniping at each other and probably should have never ever gotten back together. The only normal human being among them is Clare (Mia Heavner). And outside, well, The Razing — an end of the world event — is happening and people are losing it and killing their families.

Meanwhile, as the world burns outside their door, the partygoers consume a series of pills that are red, white and blue when they’re not having flashbacks to their teen years or killing one another. Exactly what is real and what is a fantasy are left up to you.

If you like talkative speculative fiction that takes place in one claustrophobic location, The Razing is the movie you’re looking for. But if you ever had a bunch of friends you couldn’t stand, well, trust me, never get back together with them. As for this movie, it’s shooting for high art and it succeeds more often than not.

I’m excited to see what J. Arcane and Paul Erskine do next.

The Razing is now available from Gravitas Ventures.

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