Class of 1999 (1990)

The beginning of this movie takes on an Escape from New York feel, informing the audience that violence in American high schools is out of control. With most major cities being controlled by gangs, schools have shut down or become basically military camps.

Yes, Class of 1999 does something few movies have ever done. It takes a mostly realistic first movie and then goes completely off the rails, placing the sequel in a near-post apocalyptic future.

Seattle’s Kennedy High School is in the middle of a free fire zone, a place that the police don’t dare to intervene. So the Department of Education Defense (D.E.D.) and MegaTech head Dr. Bob Forrest (Stacy Keach, magnificent) have decided to use the school to test their new breed of teachers: Coach Bryles, Mr. Hardin and Ms. Connors (Pam Grier!). With delinquents being allowed back into the school, these android teachers are fully prepared and willing to use deadly force to keep horseplay to a minimum.

This is the story that hero Cody Culp (Bradley Gregg, Fire In the Sky) must conquer. Or at least survive. His love interest is played by Traci Lind, who was also in Fright Night Part 2. She retired from acting at a young age and made claims that was abused by her ex-boyfriend Dodi Fayed. Yes, the same man who died with Princess Di.

Between the Razorheads and Blackhearts gang war, robotic teachers unleashing flamethrowers and trying to protect his old friends, Cody has a lot of work on his hands. I mean, his kid brother Angel (Joshua John Miller, Homer from Near Dark) gets killed and there’s a letter in blood written on his trademark basketball.

Every single person in this movie is ridiculous and I say that in absolutely the kindest way. This movie is entertaining from the moment it starts. Punk rock future gang wars? A Terminator version of Pam Grier? Malcolm McDowell as a school principal? An albino mad scientist Stacy Keach? Yes. This movie has that and so much more.

You can watch this on Tubi.

One thought on “Class of 1999 (1990)

  1. I love this movie, it mixes killer androids (one of the most classic staples of 90’s trash), punks, (one of the most classic staples of 80’s trash) bionic Pam Grier-tiddies (one of the most classic staples of 70’s trash), and riding bikes indoors, which is probably not a staple, but it reminded me of Demons, which has the same kind of carefree, extremely fun tone.
    Well, it also reminded me of Nuke ‘Em High, but I find that series mostly “meh”.

    And yeah, your tweet a while ago was totally right, I couldn’t remember a sequel that goes off the rails by this much. Gremlins 2 is awesome, and is considered a somewhat radical departure, but that’s nothing compared to the silliness of this.

    It did convince me to watch more stuff from Lester, but straight action movies usually bore me (yes, even Commando), so I have to be careful with my choices.


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