What’s On ScreenPix?

Tubi picks are coming back, I promise, but I wanted to get the word out about ScreenPix. They aren’t paying me but let me tell you, other than Tubi, no other channel gives me more of the old school video store feeling than this one.

ScreenPix is similar to StarzEncore and offers a handpicked selection of uncut and commercial-free classic films. I subscribe to it through the Roku Channel and it’s $2.99 a month. I know you can also add it through Apple TV, Amazon Prime and some cable providers.

One of the reasons I have kept my subscription is because ScreenPix is owned by Epix, which is owned by MGM, which owns so much of the Cannon catalog. That means that so many Cannon movies that you might be hunting for are right here for one low price. There’s also more than just Cannon!

Also: If you click any of the titles, you can read the full article on each movie.

Here are some movies that are now on ScreenPix that you might want to check out:

Valley of the Dolls: There are times when I get down and I know that I just have to take a handful of dolls to feel better. Or maybe just watch this.

Lady Chatterley’s LoverWant to pretend that you’re a grown up and you have Cinemax and can watch this whenever you want? Now you can. You can live that life.

House of the Long ShadowsIt took Cannon to get the greatest living horror stars into a movie that totally doesn’t do them any justice, but hey, here it is.

10 to Midnight: “You know what this is for, Warren? It’s for jacking off!”

Assassination: “I don’t want to die from a terminal orgasm.”

Hero and the TerrorI kind of love that this movie puts Chuck up against something that he just can’t sidekick to solve, which means he still kicks it.

Ghosts Can’t Do ItIf you ever wanted to know what movie I hate, this is it. This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen and yet I still hate watch it all the time.

JoeA movie not discussed so much today, this was such a big movie that it totally made the pre-Golan and Globus Cannon.

Unholy RollersIf you don’t want to watch Claudia Jennings in a roller derby movie, we can never be friends.

Pray for DeathIf you told young Sam that one day, he could watch this movie any time over his TV whenever he pressed a button, he would have been so happy. He still is.

Treasure of the Four CrownsIt’s not in 3D but let me tell you, no movie is going to try so hard to entertain you. What a glorious piece of insanity this is.

The Seven Magnificent GladiatorsBruno Mattei making a movie for Cannon. Can life be perfect? Yes, for a very short time.

Operation Kid BrotherIf you think you’ve seen every Connery Bond, well, have you seen the one with every Bond actor but Sean and instead it has his brother? Well, get on it.

The Naked CageA Cannon WIP movie? Oh yes.

Double TroubleIf you watched Cannon’s The Barbarians and wanted more of the Barbarian Brothers, well…I have so really good news for you.

Penitentiary 2: Yes, that is Ernie Hudson trying to kill our hero in this picture. This movie is beyond great. In fact, this series just keeps getting better with every sequel.

Avenging ForceIf you love Cannon and you haven’t seen this movie, then you don’t love Cannon as much as you will. Dudikoff. James. John P. Ryan being a maniac. Oh man, I love this movie more than most of my ex-girlfriends.

RageRichard Norton as a kickboxer caught with his pants down. A 21st Century Menahem made masterpiece!

P.O.W. The EscapeIf you drink every time someone mentions everyone going home, you won’t.

Exterminator 2You won’t believe that this movie — just like Joe above — was saved in the edit.

Timestalkers: Terry Funk, Bob the Goon and Klaus Kinski. Did I cast this?

The Happy Hooker Goes HollywoodAdmit it. You want to see Adam West’s fuck style. Well, here’s your chance. I mean, it’s softcore but still. Also an early Cannon!

Body and SoulLeon Isaac Kennedy could make a movie about eating dinner and I would watch it. Luckily, he made way more exciting movies than that.

Tough Guys Don’t DanceIf nothing makes you sign up for this channel, this should do it. I want everyone reading this to see this movie and get obsessed.

Sharon’s BabyThere are days when I look through movies and just drive my wife nuts. I started yelling so loud when I saw that this ScreenPix had this movie under its alternate title that she thought I was hurt.  I think that perhaps I overreacted but I also think it was justified.

The Fourth WarAnother deep cut Cannon video release! If Roy Scheider gets drunk on J&B, is it a giallo?

Finest Hour: A 21st Century Golan release that asks, what if Top Gun had Navy SEALS and Rob Lowe?

There’s also tons of Larry Cohen, Phil Collins in BusterSome Girls DoCrimewaveRolling ThunderMidnight Witness from 21st Century, Wild ThingDetroit 9000The Crimson Cult, TentaclesSquirmThe Rosary MurdersAre You In the House Alone?Iron Warrior, Cannon’s Aladdin, rare Cannon find The Kitchen TotoRappin’The Late Great Planet EarthPowaqqatsiDeja VuSurrenderOver the Brooklyn Bridge and The Apple.

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