CANNON MONTH 2: Getting Even (1989)

Roy Evans (Harrison Muller, SheWarrior of the Lost WorldThe Lonely Lady2020 Texas GladiatorsThe Throne of Fire — that’s what we call a career) was homeless, but has been called out of retirement by his former commanding officer Dundee (Richard Roundtree!) after he saves a woman from getting assaulted. Now, he must hunt down the man that betrayed him back in Vietnam and left him a POW for five years, the drug dealer Slisko (Michael Aronin, Cruising). Plus, there are some murders going down at the same time because why just have one story in your movie?

Agent Roberts (George Ardisson, who was Theseus in Hercules In the Haunted World) thinks that Slisko and the prostitute killer are the same person. After all, he killed a hooker back in Vietnam using a knife that makes the same stab wounds show up on all of these dead women now.

Muller and Roundtree were also in Miami Cops, which one assumes was probably made at the very same time as this, seeing how they both also have Aronin and Zombi zombie Ottaviano Dell’Acqua in the cast.

This was directed and written by Leandro Lucchetti, who also wrote Caged Women and directed La ragnatela del silenzio – A.I.D.S, an erotic thriller all about — you guessed it — A.I.D.S.

The best thing about this movie is the poster as well as the many bamboo buildings that get blown up real good.

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