CANNON MONTH 2: The Throne of Fire (1983)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was on the site for the first time on February 2, 2019. The Throne of Fire was not produced by Cannon but was released on video by Cannon / MGM/UA Home Video.

We’re barely five minutes into The Throne of Fire when one of the main characters promises his mother that he will live up to being Satan’s son by massacring women and children. Yep. I’m sold. Let’s do this — a rare sword and sorcery film with a female central character, in this case, Princess Valkari who is played by Sabrina Siani. Ms. Siani may be best known to maniacs like me for playing Oncron in Lucio Fulci’s fog-drenched barbarian saga, Conquest

Director Franco Prosperi probably made this at the same time as Gunan, King of the Barbarians, as he recycled much of the cast, including Pietro Torrisi who plays Sebastian here.

Everyone is battling Mora,  the son of the devil’s messenger Belial, who wants to sit on the throne of evil on the day of the night in the day. Modern people would refer to this an eclipse. But if he doesn’t marry the princess first, he’ll die.

Luckily, Sebastian has similar powers and can also turn invisible, so he’s on hand to help the princess. There’s also a Well of Madness and lots of people get to sit on the Throne of Fire, which makes them go up in flames. Perhaps you’d not want to sit on said chair.

Will you like this movie? Well, that depends. How well do you do with Italian barbarian movies? Are you a red blooded heterosexual man who would like to watch Sabrina Siani? Are you a red blooded homosexual man who wants to watch men go bare chested? Do you want to watch lots of people get immolated? Then hurry on down to The Throne of Fire!

You can get this from Revok and VHSPS.

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