Gunan, King of the Barbarians (1982)

Franco Prosperi made his name directing Italian crime action films, but he also found his way into working in other genres, like 1978’s The Last House on the Left clone The Last House on the Beach, 1973’s parody The Funny Face of the Godfather and two Conan ripoffs, 1983’s Throne of Fire and this obscure piece of weirdness, which is only available as a poor transfer of a VHS tape.

Let me see if I can put this together for you: The peaceful village of Solmen is destroyed by Magen and his Ungats, but two children are saved by the Kuniats, a tribe of Amazon warriors. One of the brothers tries to be a hero and gets beheaded for his efforts, but the other, Gunan The Invincible, lives up to his name and kills everyone in his path.

This movie is borderline mental: one of the death traps involves Gunan’s woman being tied above him while spikes slowly kill her. Luckily, they escape and he kills everyone he gets near. It also rips off a dinosaur battle from One Million Years B.C. and I mean that literally — they take the footage and use it.

Also — every woman is nude for pretty much this entire movie, including Sabrina Siani as the main love of Gunan. She also shows up in Aenigma2020 Texas Gladiators, The Throne of Fire and the Mark Gregory starring Tan Zan The Ultimate Mission. But for all her roles, I’ll always remember her as the always masked and rarely closed Oncron from Fulci’s insane barbarian film, Conquest

Oh yeah — one day, Gunan’s sword will become Excalibur. So there’s that. It’s tacked on and only mentioned in the end of the film’s narration, but that really seems like it should be a much bigger deal.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime or get it from Cult Action.

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