CANNON MONTH 2: Luise knackt den Jackpot (1995)

Luise (Marianne Sägebrecht, who would be best known to American audiences for being in The War of the Roses and genre fans for being in Dust Devil; she’s one of Germany’s most famous actresses) runs a travel agency with her husband Matthias (Oliver Reed). When the couple goes on a tour of Kazakhstan and do better than meeting Borat. She ends up winning millions in a lottery and buys a villa with her own butler (David Warner).

Menahem Golan directed this from a script by Pini Eden, an Israeli writer whose career in entertainment started as a singer. After spending some time in Europe, where she recorded more than ten records and won The Golden Bridge song competition, she started writing plays and then movies.

Of all the 21st Century releases that Menahem got out there, this is one of the hardest to find. Go figure — no one other than probably me has any interest in one of his films starring a cast of German and other foreign actors.

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