CANNON MONTH 2: Russian Roulette – Moscow 95 (1995)

Did Menahem Golan love Oliver Reed and Jan-Michael Vincent or what? They were in so many of his later films. Like this one, in which four American widows takes revenge on the Russian mafia in Moscow after their husbands are killed.

This has only come out on VHS and never made it to DVD or blu ray. It’s pretty difficult to find, despite having those two stars in the cast, as well as Barbara Carrera and Karen Moncrieff, who is also in a bunch of 21st Century films.

Made in Germany and Belarus and released in the German language, I’ve been trying to hunt this down. It was directed by Menahem and written by Andriew Sasmonof, who never wrote another movie.

Has anyone seen it? Do you have the VHS? Let me know. The best I can find is how I watched it, an OK.RU link, which is one small tiny little leap away from the Dark Web.


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