CANNON MONTH 2: Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde (1993)

What if Bonnie and Clyde were alive in 1993 and pulled the same crimes? Well, this movie has that for you and it has Maureen Flannigan as Bonnie and Scott Wolf as Clyde.

Directed by John Shepphird (FirestormJersey Shore Shark Attack), who co-wrote the script with Steve Jankowski, who wrote several of Shepphird’s movies like Chupacabra TerrorBlood Money and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

Wolf was best known for being on Party of Five while Flannagan was Evie on Out of This World. This movie was her attempt at changing her image, which mainly means lots of violence and even more sex. It’s kind of wild that this movie got out there a year before Natural Born Killers and does a lot of the same things without all the meta commentary and multiple film stocks.

The true revelation for me was that the cop who is tracking them down, Sanchez, is Don Novello. Yes, Father Guido Sarducci. He’s great in this and he’s completely serious.

The other thing is that this goes from Clyde being in love from afar to a romance on the run to an actual relationship, yet the darkness that grows around them gets intense, as we all know where the movie ends. And yes, the close is bleak and bloody and it’s unexpected even though it’s expected. I mean, the squib budget for this film must have been the entire budget.

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