CANNON MONTH: Surrender (1987)

Jerry Belsen, who directed and wrote this movie, along with Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Fun With Dick and Jane amongst many others, may have invented the phrase “You know what happens when you assume…”

Sean Stein (Michael Caine) is a successful novelist, but he’s been through so many divorces and bad relationships that he never wants to fall in love again, until he has his meet cute with artist Daisy Morgan (Sally Field) when they’re forced to strip and bound together by thieves at a charity dance. Yes, this actually happens.

Working with his lawyer Jay (Peter Boyle), Sean decides to hide who he is and actually win Daisy over with no money being involved. The problem is that she already has a boyfriend, the not so great Marty (Steve Guttenberg).

Then she finds out who Sean really is and tells him that she truly loves him. The problem is that he still thinks it’s all about money. This will rinse and repeat throughout the movie.

At least this has an interesting cast, with Jackie Cooper in his last role as Daisy’s father, along with Julie Kavner, Louise Lasser and Iman.

Supposedly, this movie is based on Belsen’s real life, with him claiming that every single thing that happened to Sean happened to him. Sadly, that experience could not help the death throes of Cannon, as this movie made $5 million on a $15 million budget.

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