CANNON MONTH 2: Hero and the Terror (1988)

Directed by William Tannen and written by Dennis Shryack (The Car, Cannon’s Fifty/FiftyMurder by Phone) and Michael Blodgett (Lance Rocke from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; he also wrote the novel that this is based on), this Cannon film stars Chuck Norris as Danny O’Brien, a cop who put away a serial killer known as Simon “The Terror” Moon (Jack O’Halloran, who beat up Superman a few times) three years ago. Since then, he’s had a series of dreams about the murderer and is in a relationship with his therapist Kay (Brynn Thayer). Actually, they’re now married and about to have a child, which would make this the worst time for Moon to break out.

What could make this movie better? What if Steve James played Chuck’s partner Robinson? They did it. And it’s great, because the world needs more Steve James.

Chuck just wants to be with his new wife but the mayor of Los Angeles (Ron O’Neal) wants him on the case. He also wants him to admit that Moon is dead, but we all know that Chuck doesn’t listen to authority.

Somewhat similar to Silent Rage, this has Norris against not just a near-unstoppable slasher, but also his doubts as to whether or not he can live up to “The Hero” name that the press has given him.

Chuck would follow this up with another film for Cannon, one where he’s back in a familiar role — Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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