CANNON MONTH 2: Finest Hour (1992)

Directed by Shimon Dotan and written by Stuart Schoffman, Finest Hour may seem to you to be an awful lot like Top Gun in parts because, well, it kind of is. Except that it’s about Navy SEALs and then love comes between two leads and it takes a war to bring them back together.

Lawrence Hammer (Rob Lowe) and Dean Mazzoli (Gale Hansen) are two Navy officers working to become SEALs. Hammer has a bad attitude and isn’t a team player while Mazzoli is respected by everyone. They end up becoming friends except that they both love Barbara (Tracy Griffith). Well, despite nearly making out with Mazzoli one night, she still runs away with Hammer — that very same night — and gets married.

The two nearly fight when it turns out that Hammer and Barbara are moving away, but the upcoming war in the Persian Gulf rears its ugly head and when their instructor Bosco is taken, the two work together to rescue him. Hammer ends up in the hospital and Mazzoi ends up taking care of his wife during that time. She confesses that Hammer slept with her best friend and she’s planning on leaving him.

A new mission comes up and Hammer — still injured — compromises everyone by falsifying his medical records and getting on the mission. He dies and when he does, so does anything between Mazzoli and his wife. I guess the whole forbidden fruit cucking thing was what kept them together.

Speaking of tragedy, Lowe almost died when he was dragged by a cord behind a speeding boat and couldn’t get free. One of the Navy SEALs on the crew dived in and rescued him.

The U.S. may have only seen this movie on video, but it played theaters in the Phillippines as Desert Storm: The Final Battle.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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