TABLOID WEEK: Britney Ever After (2017)

How do you make a movie about Britney Spears when you have none of her music available to you? Well, you get someone who looks nothing like her, you play loose and fast with the ways things happen and you air it on Lifetime. Kevin Federline is played by a guy named Clayton Chitty, a… Continue reading TABLOID WEEK: Britney Ever After (2017)

Mobile Homes (2017)

A mother and her 8-year-old son are drifting through life, following her boyfriend as they barely scrape out an existence one small crime at a time. But when she decides to finally leave him and live in a mobile home community, there's a chance their lives can change. Imogen Poots is amazing in this movie, which I'd… Continue reading Mobile Homes (2017)

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2017)

If you're seen a Friday the 13th movie from 7 to 10, you know who Kane Hodder is. He's pretty much the man that made Jason into an icon -- even after stepping into the successful series after several films (you can argue that Jason doesn't appear in the first film and only appears in hallucinations… Continue reading To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2017)

Channel Zero: No-End House (2017)

The most basic way for me to describe the second season of Channel Zero is this sentence: a group of friends visits a haunted house only to find themselves wondering if it's a tourist attraction or something much more. However, like all of the Channel Zero, the story only starts there. Based on the Creepypasta… Continue reading Channel Zero: No-End House (2017)

Hitler Lives! (2017)

Hitler didn't die, but after World War II he was taken to Antarctica. However, plans fell apart and now his decaying zombie body is being kept in Adelaide, Australia while Dr. Josef Mengele prepares an alien-infused immortality serum for the Fuhrer. If you haven't stopped been offended or stopped reading this by now, then you're the audience for Hitler Lives!… Continue reading Hitler Lives! (2017)


We've spent plenty of time learning how the Australians and Italians see the end of the world in cinema on this site. But have you ever wondered how the Dutch envision the world post-apocalypse? Wonder no longer -- Molly is here. Our titular heroine (Julia Batelaan) has incredible fighting skills -- owing as much to… Continue reading EVEN MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Molly (2017)

Blood Child (2017)

You know what gets me to watch a movie every single time? Based on a true story. Nothing makes me want to watch something more. That's what drew me to Blood Child, which is based on the Malay myth of the Toyol, which are ghost children raised by black magic. After a devastating miscarriage in Singapore,… Continue reading Blood Child (2017)