Cry Havoc (2020)

An ambitious young reporter is granted an interview with one of the FBI’s most wanted (the always welcomed Richard Tyson of Eternal Code, Death Kiss, The League of Legend Keepers, and the awesome Three O’Clock High). Upon entering his compound she discovers one of his prized possessions, a serial killer who murders-on-call: HAVOC. Her only hope to stop the bloodshed is a rogue detective (Robert Bronzi, Death Kiss and Once Upon a Deadwood) searching for his daughter. Oh, and there’s a reality TV series subplot about of group of greedy city kids who trek up “Terror Mountain” for a million bucks cash prize that sets off the mayhem . . . and probably deserve a little bit o’ havoc in their lives to wise them up.

If Charles Bronson lookalike Bronzi’s work in Death Kiss was meant to evoke Death Wish and if Once a Time in Deadwood was to evoke a spagetti western Death Wish, then Cry Havoc — with its Bronson vs. Leatherface vibe — is meant to evoke Bronson’s Leo Kessler character in J. Lee Thompson’s From 10 to Midnight. If you ever wanted to see a masked serial killer in a balls-out, woodsy battle royal with a take-no-prisoners cop, then this is your movie.

Do you feel lucky, Jason?

Cry Havoc was released across all PPV and VOD platforms, as well as DVD, on May 5th.

Disclaimer: This was sent to us by the film’s PR firm.

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