The Dollmaker (2017)

Director Al Lougher sent this our way, calling it "a Pet Sematary inspired Faustian tale that cautions against the treachery of desperation and wish fulfillment." This was written by Matias Caruso who wrote the movie Mayhem and is playing on  Alter's new horror platform, which is the companion to their science fiction offering, Dust. It's a quick,… Continue reading The Dollmaker (2017)

Queen of Hollywood Blvd (2017)

On her 60th birthday, the owner of a Los Angeles strip club finally has her twenty-five-year-old debt to the mob called in, leading to a horrific spree of violence and revenge throughout the seedy underworld of Los Angeles. Rosemary Hochschild’s performance as Mary is the real reason to watch this film. The mother of… Continue reading Queen of Hollywood Blvd (2017)

Alien Party Crashers (2017)

Formerly known as Canaries, this movie by Welsh writer/director Peter Stray tells the tale of a New Year's Eve bash in the Welsh Valley that suddenly finds itself battling an invasion force made up of time-traveling aliens. It's the first movie to ever be filmed in the Welsh valley of Lower Cwmtwrch, although a few scenes are… Continue reading Alien Party Crashers (2017)

Nothing to Do (2017)

Kenny (Paul Fahrenkopf, The Wire) is a fifty-something DJ with a somewhat aimless life who must contend with his father's imminent demise, as well as his sister being unwilling to listen -- in this drama with comedic moments from writer-director Mike Kravinsky. Kenny's father Irv is in the hospital, but a nurse informs our… Continue reading Nothing to Do (2017)