So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

Thomas Schlamme directed the first “I Want My MTV!” ad campaign, as well as specials for Amy Grant, Robert Klein and Bette Middler — and two ABC Afterschool Specials, The Gift of Amazing Grace and Can a Guy Say No? — before directing movies like Miss Firecracker and this movie. He’s pretty much worked in television ever since.

It’s one of the first movies that Mike Meyers was in, here starring as Charlie MacKenzie, a beat poet who frequently gives beat poetry speeches about his love life. His best friend Tony — Anthony LaPaglia, who is wonderful here, with Alan Arkin as his police captain — thinks he really just can’t commit.

But what if he meets the perfect woman, played by Nancy Travis? And what if she might be a murderer? Well, then we’d have a movie.

While this movie is a trifle, it’s still fun. You get Phil Hartman as a tour guide, Steven Wright, Charles Grodin, Michael Richards, Amanda Plummer and Debi Mazar all turning in great performances and a decent soundtrack, too.

Oh yeah — the place where they go for their honeymoon? Yeah, it’s the Dunsmuir Estate from Phantasm.

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