2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 30: The Loved Ones (2009)

30. MARTINI SHOT: Blow off some Challenge steam with a hardy party scene.

This movie is one big party but it is not that you’d want to be at.

Brent is dealing with the death of his father — that he inadvertently caused when he swerved to miss a bloody man in the road — and trying to get through high school. Luckily, he has a pretty loving girlfriend Holly. But he’s made the mistake of turning down Lola Stone’s prom invitation, so that means that she’s going to do what any other young girl who has been turned away will do: she’s going to kidnap him, inject bleach into his vocal chords, knife his feet into the ground and slice her initials into his chest at the prom that she’s made for herself.

Look, if she wants to have an incest-filled dance with her father during all of this, it’s her happening and it freaks everyone else out.

Brent deals with a lot of damage in this movie. In addition to all the brutal abuse detailed before, he also gets a hole drilled into his head for a home-brew lobotomy and he only escapes by getting the drill bit stuck in his wrist. Yeah, this movie isn’t going to skimp on the horrific imagery, like a basement filled with lobotomized former boyfriends.

Sean Byrne has only made this and The Devil’s Candy. He really needs to make something new, because for a debut, this is pretty wild. It also inspired a real life crime where someone was stabbed more than forty times and had cleaning fluid poured into their eyes by a fan of this movie.



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