2022 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 17: Boogeyman II (1983)

17. THE VIDEO NASTY: Watch one of the 72 banned in the UK. And we thought the PMRC was tough…

It’s been one of my goals to check off every single one of all three of the video nasty lists. You can check the progress at Letterboxd and write-ups on sections one, two and three.

Ulli Lommel loved the story of Boogeyman so much that he made it over and over again. In fact, a good chunk of this movie is a flashback to the first. So while John Carradine’s name might be high up in the credits, he’s all past footage. As for Lommel, he started as an actor, first appearing in Russ Meyer’s Fanny Hill, then acting in Fassbinder’s surreal western film Whitey (as well as several other of the director’s films). He moved to the U.S. and worked with Warhol in the films Cocaine Cowboys and Blank Generation. His wife at the time, Suzanna Love — a descendent of the creator of the Pratt Institute — helped write these movies and also appears in them as Lacey.

The story is told that Paramount wanted to pay for a big budget sequel and Lommel decided to make the sequel himself. In this, Lacey goes to Hollywood, along with a shard of that haunted mirror, and the filming the movie within a movie turns into a murderous affair. Also: the credits are hand-written and you can see hands holding the titles, which seems like anything but the movie Paramount would have paid for. Nor would be the first 25 minutes of this movie during which we see pretty much the entire first film all over again.

The funny thing is that the deaths in the new footage are not shot in a shocking — or easily visible, this thing is dark and poorly made — way. The reason this movie ended up on the video nasty list is all due to the footage taken from the first movie, which is also on the list. It’s like an artist being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame as a member of a group and a solo artist.

That said — someone does get killed by their mouth getting shoved onto a hot tail pipe.

So yeah. Nearly 85% of this movie is the movie you already saw. It’s made in Lommel’s house. It has him in the cast. And while Bruce Starr (Bruce Pearn) is listed as director, Lommel also has his hands all over this. A true cash-in if there ever was one, I guess you have to admire the sheer nuts on this man.



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