WolfCop (2014)

The first film picked for production from the CineCoup Film Accelerator, WolfCop won a contest that gave $1 million dollars and a guaranteed theater showing nationwide at Canada’s Cineplex Odeon theatre chain. They spent most of that money on the elaborate special effects werewolf transformation sequences in the film. It totally shows — this isn’t just a throwaway direct to WalMart and VOD affair.

A play on the French term for werewolf, alcoholic police officer Lou Garou spends most of his time in the small Canadian town of Woodhaven either drinking or sleeping. After being called to a complaint of occult activity, he stumbles on to quite a scene: the town’s elders are sacrificing the new upstart mayoral candidate. He wakes up the next morning in his bed with a pentagram carved into his belly.

Suddenly, his senses grow sharp and he surprises his fellow officers with how he’s investigating the case. He also starts to transform into a werewolf, starting in one startling scene with his penis turning black like a dog’s and spraying blood. Yep — this transformation scene is not for the weak of heart.

With the help of his friend Higgins and fellow cop Tina, Lou must find the shapeshifting Satanic town elders, clean up Woodhaven and drink as much as he can.

Filmed in Regina Saskatchewan and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada, this is probably the best Canadian police officer werewolf movie you’ll ever see. The only other one I know is the sequel, 2017’s Another WolfCop.

It’s a lot of fun, if not very deep, but I love the scene where Lou is studying in a quiet library and yells, “You have any books on devil worship?” WolfCop also fulfills the next step of every 1980’s action hero: if life gives you lemons, build a special car with a battering ram and your logo on it.

Learn more by visiting the film’s official site. You can watch it on Shudder with and without commentary from Joe Bob Briggs.

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