Exorcist Vengeance (2022)

I often wonder, what if some of my favorite movies had Charles Bronson in them. Like The Exorcist. What if Bronson went up against Pazuzu? And now, thanks to directors Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca J. Matthews — as well as executive producer Mark Lester (yes, the man who made Commando and Class of 1984) — as well as actor Robert Bronzi — who I really need to do an entire post devoted to all of his many recent movies — I know the answer.

I think this movie was made just for me.

Bronzi is Father Jozsef, a hardboiled priest with a troubled past that carries a gun. Really, is there anything else I need to say after that to prove why I loved this? It’s absolutely ridiculous in the best ways possible, a movie that if I saw on a mom and pop new release shelf I’d react like I was replacing an idol with a bag of sand like a low budget horror movie loving Indiana Jones.

He’s called in by Bishop Canelo (Steven Berkoff, OctopussyRambo: First Blood Part II) to stop the demon that has moved from old woman to housekeeper and now threatens an entire family. Yes, in the world of this movie, the Vatican calls in hits on demons.

Edna’s granddaughter Rebecca (Sarah Alexandra Marks) is the lone family member that understands why Jozsef has to be there and this is a mission that will require him to face the death of his wife and a demon — and family — intent on spitting in God’s face.

Written by Matthew B.C. (Medusa, Checkmate) and Jeff Miller (The ToyboxHellblock 13Once Upon a Time in Deadwood), this is the kind of escapist fun that I’m always looking for.

Now, here’s hoping some of my other questions, like how would Bronson fare against zombies, aliens and a romantic comedy can be answered by future Robert Bronzi movies.

You can watch Exorcist Vengeance on digital and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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