JESS FRANCO MONTH: Dr. Wong’s Virtual Hell (1999)

Jess Franco is Dr. James Wong, as well as this movie’s director and writer, and he’s bedeviling Rachel Sheppard, who plays Rita, while his long-time muse Line Romay plays his daughter Tsai Ming as well as his nemesis Nelly Smith (but only when she’s wearing the wig that allows us to know that she’s Candy Coster).

The whole thing looks like a comic book and Nelly is aided by stock footage* of Howard Vernon as the magician Cagliostro.

Still with me?

Then Analía Ivars does a fifty-minute long striptease while Jess goes wild with late 90s video effects which look as dated as that sounds. There’s also this cyberspace virtual reality thing about twenty years before anyone could actually explore that world, so as you can imagine, Jess Franco’s idea of VR is basically women dancing and dancing and then kissing tongues and then dancing some more.

Also: Jess Franco dressing up as an Asian stereotype about twenty or thirty years after people were like, “That’s a bad look.”

*It’s from The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein.

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