MVD just informed me that they’re having a sale on select Unearthe, Visual Vengeance and Wild Eyes movies with over 350 titles to choose from with 75+ titles starting at just 99 cents! Shipping to the U.S. only, but it’s $6.99 per order.

Go to to get your movies!

Here are a few picks. Click any link to read our review and to order.

Don’t forget! You can hear me and Bill Van Ryn from Drive-In Asylum on the commentary track for Suburban Sasquatch!

Amityville In SpaceBUY IT

Amityville In the HoodBUY IT

Black HollerBUY IT

Blood of the Chupacabras: BUY IT

Bloody Muscle Body Builder In HellBUY IT

Death to MetalBUY IT

Final CallerBUY IT

Francesca: BUY IT

Heartland of DarknessBUY IT

MoonchildBUY IT

Suburban SasquatchBUY IT

The Necro FilesBUY IT

The VelocipastorBUY IT


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