Black Holler (2017)

In 1989. street-smart Laquita Johnson is forced into a camping trip with a bunch of ridiculous white students on her first day at a new school. You know what happens when people go into the woods? If the movies on my shelves have anything to say about it, people die.

Of course, the anthropology class at O’Fish Community College is doomed. And unlike all the slashers we watched as kids, this time the final girl gets to be black. And she’s up against magic rocks, underwater zombies and the woods themselves.

If you’re ready for a satire of slashers that plays smart instead of dumb, this one is ready for you to enjoy. There’s not much of a budget, but you know, I think that’s a large part of why I found it so charming.

Director Jason Berg hasn’t done anything before but I really hope he has another movie in him. Same to his co-writers Heidi Ervin (who also plays Rebecca O’Sunnybrook) and Rachel Ward Heggen (who is Megan). They know the right side of the clever and stupid paradigm, which trust me, is not always so simple.

Sometimes, I think, “This movie looks like it was fun to make. ”

This would be one of those movies.

Black Holler is available from Wild Eye Releasing.

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