The Pebble and the Boy (2021)

Directed and written by Chris Green (Me, Myself and DiStrangeways Here We Come), The Pebble and the Boy is a mod-influenced comedy starring Patrick McNamee, Sacha Parkinson, Max Boast (Sex Education), Ricci Harnett, Jesse Birdsall and most familiar to American audiences, Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2, Shelter Island).

The film’s protagonist, John, is taking his father’s ashes from Manchester to Brighton, the spiritual home of the mods, riding his dad’s Lambretta scooter. With a title taken from a Paul Weller song and music by Weller, The Style Council, Secret Affair, the Chords, The Electric Stars, Wintergreen, Jennifer Knowles and Casino, Sammie Harris and SPINNER, this is a great sounding movie. It also finds Paul growing up, learning the truth about his family and maybe winning over Nicki (Sacha Parkinson), a girl he meets in his travels.

Maybe the mod culture doesn’t translate to our shores, but regardless, I had plenty of fun watching this. I won’t be buying a scooter, but I may be listening to the soundtrack a few times.

The Pebble And The Boy is available on digital.

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