Final Caller (2020)

Roland Bennett (Douglas Epps) is like an unholy combination of Howard Stern and Art Bell, known for unleashing his venom on callers and staying up all night long which brings out the paranormal nuts. Before his show even goes on the air, his soon-to-be ex-wife Claire (Jane Plumberg) tries to get him to sign divorce papers, the big boss is listening in due to complaints and numerous calls from The Outsider (Jack McCord) sound like real murders live on the air.

It’s going to be one weird night.

Directed and written by Todd Sheets (Dreaming Purple NeonClownadoSorority Babes in the Dance-a-Thon of Death), Final Caller wastes little to no time as Roland, his producer Jessica (Rachel Lagen) and engineer Jason (Alexander Brotherton) discover that The Outsider isn’t just some prank talking about eight people every eight years on the eighth day of the eighth month. He’s really doing it and isn’t far away, either. After having his way with the detective (Antwoine Steele) the police send and the security guard (Dilynn Fawn Harvey) at the station, he makes his way to the studio.

There’s a lot of talking in this — Roland and The Outsider are nearly the same person, just one eviscerates callers on the air and the other kills women — and tons of up close and personal stabbing, slashing and bloodletting. Once the film moves into a stalk and slash within the radio station, it gets really intense and I honestly had no idea what would happen next, much less a real turn by one of the leads.

Nearly 40 years of making movies on a budget means that Sheets knows how to turn a three figure budget into a movie that looks much more expensive than that. This movie also has more gross-out gore than anything you’ll see for the rest of the year, delivering in a way that an old fashioned slasher should make you feel: it’s aberrant, mean spirited and makes you feel like you need to lie in the shower for some time afterward, unsure of what to do next. Or you know, watch it again.

Final Caller is available on digital and on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

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