Superman (1987)

Puneet Issar is the man known as both Shekhar and Superman in this 1987 B. Gupta-directed remix remake ripoff of 1978’s Superman. He’s sent to Earth by his Kryptonian father Jor-El (Dharmendra) and as the planet explodes, the footage from Richard Donner’s film, as well as the John Williams score, is used.

After landing in India, Shekhar has the same upbringing as Clark Kent, except that he seems to really enjoy the song “Beat It.” He then grows up, goes to college and falls for Gita, who is also being pretty much stalked by K. K. Verma (Shakti Kapoor), so we have our Lois and Lex. After his father has a heart attack, Shekhar finds a tube in the rocket that brought him to Earth and becomes Superman, all while Gita finds work both in a hostel and at the Daily Times. Shekhar joins her and they both learn that Verma is now a criminal mastermind, complete with an army of strong women.

This is a Superman that has telekinesis — that he uses to feed orphans with dancing food — and a Lex Luthor that frequently has dancing girls show up and perform musical numbers for his pleasure.

Of course, Superman flies around the world just like the Hollywood film and yes, it’s the exact same footage. What a magical world we live in.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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