Superman (1980)

Raja, like his entire family, is a devotee of Lord Hanuman, which explains the H on his costume. When he was a child, his father Raghunath Rao wanted to offer the family’s prized jewels during Hanuman Jayanthi. Three thieves steal them and kill Raja’s mother and father, orphaning the family. Raja prays to Lord Hanuman for a way to achieve revenge and is gives him superhuman powers. He receives no answer, so he stabs himself in the stomach and bleeds all over the statue of the deity, which finally brings him the answer he seeks.

Over the years, Raja gets his revenge, but the hard part comes when his sister Lakshmi becomes pregnant to Mohan, the son of Maharajm who is the third thief, a man who even hires a sorceress to destroy the hero.

So yes — absolutely nothing like Superman.

This movie also has attack elephants. And sumos. And twenty karate fighters.

A Superman that kills for revenge sounds like something that Zack Snyder sails the seas of mayonnaise to, but this movie is definitely more entertaining than anything he’s ever done and cost less than an hour of his craft services.

Like seriously, Superman fights a demon and then straight up snaps the bad guy’s neck.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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