Kryptonita (2015)

In the world of Kryptonita, Superman (Juan Palomino) — referred to as Nafta Super — didn’t end up in Smallville but instead wound up in La Matanza (The Slaughter), a crime-ridden slum near Buenos Aires. Instead of the gleaming Justice League of America, he and his fellow superheroes have become the Nafta Super Gang, robbing rich banks to feed the poor.

Wonder Woman is the transgender Lady Di (Lautaro Delgado), Green Lantern is Faisán (Nicolás Vázquez), The Flash is Ráfaga (Diego Cremonesi), Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz is Juan Raro (Carca), Batman is El Federico (Pablo Rago) and Hawkgirl — possibly included as this was made when the JLA cartoon was big — is Cuñatai Güirá (Sofia Palomino).

As they battle the police and other gangs — including one led by this Earth’s Lex Luthor, El Pelado — a piece of kryptonite weakens Nafta Super and as he’s operated on, the cops, the gangs and supervillains Corona (Diego Capusotto) who is the Joker — a police negotiator in this world — and Oficial Cabeza de Tortuga (Pablo Pinto) who is Doomsday try to kill him off once and for all as Dr. Gonzales tries to keep Nafta Super alive until morning.

Based on Leo Oyola’s novel, scripted by Camilo De Cabo, Nicolás Britos, Paula Manzone and director Nicanor Loreti, Kryptonita is a super-powered Assault On Precinct 13 and a way to show Western audiences that these superheroes now belong to everyone. It may not have the CGI of its way more expensive inspiration, but it has something more: big ideas and heart.

Most of the cast returned in a TV series sequel, Nafta Super, which adds La Mishi  (Catwoman), La Jabru (Zatanna), The Glass (Mirror Master), Harley Quinn, Oracle, Sabiola (Brainiac), Javier (Robin), The Executor (Deadshot), Demented Snail (Green Arrow), Tigress of the West (Cheetah), Boquita (Black Canary), Artillery (Deathstroke), Lulu (Carol Ferris), Unicorn Girl (Vixen) and Backpack Flamethrower Man (Firefly).

You can watch the movie on YouTube.

You can watch the episodes of Nafta Super with this playlist from the channel it aired on, Canal Space.

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