“Moonchild, hear the mandrake screamMoonchild, open the seventh sealMoonchild, you’ll be mine soon childMoonchild, take my hand tonight!”

Yeah, any movie inspired by Iron Maiden — it says so right in the credits — deserves all of your money.

Directed and written by Todd Sheets, Moonchild is a movie that realizes that the best post-apoclyptic movies didn’t need huge budgets, just sets that looked like the end of the world, some wildness to set them apart and all the heart you can muster. More 2019: After the Fall of New York, less Children of Men.

Also, you can sum up this movie in three more words: Werewolves are awesome.

Jacob Stryker (Auggi Alvarez) is a man who has had his genes spliced with those of a wolf and is therefore one of those awesome werewolves. He’s lost his son Caleb after he escaped the government ghouls who operated on him. And oh yeah, he has a bomb ready to blow his guts up in 72 hours, which is taking Snake Plissken cosplay taken as far as you can take it.

He’s being tracked by cannibals, bounty hunters, a ninja, a cyborg grandmother and an entire army with only a small group of rebels like Talon and Athena helping him. But you know, Stryker doesn’t need anybody. He’s a werewolf in the time after the fall of man.

This movie doesn’t have any budget, but there are still car chases and people throwing themselves out of moving vehicles which is at once awesome and wreckless and you know, I’ll go with awesome. More people should be willing to face death for the joy of post-apocalyptic cinema.

Moonchild has never been released on blu ray before. You can get it from MVD. It also includes the following extras:

  • New director supervised SD master from original tapes
  • Bonus audio CD of the movie soundtrack
  • Two new director commentary tracks
  • Original alternate VHS cut of Moonchild
  • Wolf Moon Rising: The Making of Moonchild documentary
  • Archival behind the scenes cast interviews
  • Original VHS trailer
  • Original deleted ending
  • Decension “Burn the Church” music video
  • Trailers for upcoming Visual Vengeance releases
  • Four-page liner notes by Matt Desiderio
  • Limited edition slipcase by The Dude Designs
  • Collectible mini-poster
  • “Stick your own” VHS sticker set

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