Amityville in the Hood (2021)

First, there was Amityville Toybox, in which a cursed toy monkey from the house on 112 Ocean Avenue caused chaos. That was followed by Amityville Clownhouse, which amped up the Satanic possession with, well, an evil clown. Now, the circle is complete as Amityville in the Hood goes to the inner city and shows just how deep the roots of the evil of Amityville go.

This is Dustin Ferguson’s third trip to Amityville and this time, he directed, wrote, stars and edited this movie. Heck, he even performs two songs as MC Dirty D, “The Amityville Rap” and “Slide Into My DM.”

You know how much I love continuity, so Peter Sommars (John Walker) is on hand again, a reporter who has been in everything from Amityville ClownhouseOuijageistTales from the Grave and Meathook Massacre 4  to Angry Asian Murder HornetsArcachnadoZombi VIII: Urban DecayAmityville HexEbola RexArchnado 2: Flaming Spiders and the upcoming Axemas 3: Santa InsaneAxemas 4: The Axemas Legacy and Ghoul.

An Eastside gang is using the Amityville property to grow marijuana — yes, I know, this is the best idea ever — called Amityville Possession. I mean, when in doubt, name your strain after the best of the many movies, right? Well, those drugs get stolen and taken to the Westside streets of Compton as Amityville is in Los Angeles in this universe and whomever smokes that sticky icky pays for it with their soul.

Jennifer Nangle, who plays Malvolia the Queen of Screams, is in this briefly — too briefly — as a sex worker named Cheyenne who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I mean, do I have to sell it any more to you? I guess all that blood flowing out of the walls and ghosts and shotguns and cursed monkeys — look for a quick sprint through the last two films — all add up to the perfect planting soil. Or maybe they grew it hydroponically inside the red room?

Seeing as how this movie was not blessed with a tag line, let me give some:

  • For God’s sake, smoke up!
  • This time, Amityville gets smoked.
  • If these walls could talk, they’d be stoned.

Look, it’s basically an hour of your life. This week has been horrible and this is the first time that I laughed in some time, if only when thacymbal-playingng monkey started slapping his percussion together and the ghost of Mario Bava showed up in the lighting. This is my 38th trip to Amityville, not my last and not my worst.

Also: I completely believe that this movie is way better on drugs. I’m not telling you to be on drugs but…I’m kinda telling you to be on drugs.

Want to know way too much about Amityville? We got you covered with a deep dive into every single movie in the series. Check it out here. We also have a Letterboxd list because, well, of course we do.

Thanks to the incredible folks at Wild Eye, who knew we’d need to see it immediately as it was released.

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