Angry Asian Murder Hornets (2020)

Filmed in less than 2 weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic, Angry Asian Murder Hornets has just one more way that last year could have been the worst in our lifetime: yes, murder hornets getting into Chinese nuclear product.

The thing I loved best about this movie was that the first five minutes feel like a B-roll filled nature reality show all about these bugs which don’t really exist. I mean, murder hornets sound bad. Angry murder hornets are even worse.

Asian, well, I guess at least we know where they’re from.

Director Dustin Ferguson seems to make a movie every time he wakes up, but you have to give the guy points for being prolific and having a hefty sense of fun in the movies that he makes. Also, it’s kind of interesting that his movies seem to be 70s grindhouse movies upcycled to 80s video rental movies that have 90s and 00s soundtracks, what with the We’re Wolves cover of “Break Stuff” that plays when an angry murder hornet buzzes by, much less the second cover, this time “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” over the closing credits.

He’s also pretty good at being meta, bouncing the film from location to location, often using cable news and a horror hostess, Malvolia The Queen of Screams, to keep things jumping.

By the time you’ve read this review, Dustin has made three more movies. One of them is Ebola Rex Versus Murder Hornets, which I really want to see. I kid — I watch just about everything the guy makes! You should too.

You can watch this streaming on So Cal Studios On Demand or order the DVD right here. There’s even an online game the filmmakers have hinted at. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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