TUBI EXCLUSIVE: You’re Not Alone (2023)

Director Chris Stokes and co-writer Marques Houston have taken better advantage of Tubi than most filmmakers, having several movies on the streaming platform like The StepmotherThe Stepmother 2Best FriendThe Assistant and Howard High. They also have No Way Out coming at the end of March.

Now, they’ve created a slasher-style movie in which Keith Mitchell (Michael Jai White, who has been in everything from Spawn and Universal Soldier to Dragged Across ConcreteMortal Kombat Annihilation and Why Did I Get Married?) loses his wife Sam (Robinne Lee) to a black-robed and masked killer — the opening attack is quite horrific — and then has to watch as a similar murderer stalks his daughter Alexis (Precious Way).

The difference is that due to a flight delay, he’s trapped on an airplane 30,000 feet above the Earth while Alexis, who is on house arrest, is left all alone. When the WiFi signal keeps cutting out, getting messages and help from Keith to his daughter becomes nearly impossible. But even when you think the story is over, the danger isn’t.

This film has a moment that makes cell phones works in the age of the new slasher. Keith asks his daughter to send him a photo so he can see her while he’s in the air. As he studies it, he horrifically sees the killer in the window behind her. I loved how he loses his mind in the aisles of the plane while normal passengers wonder why this man is flipping out. This is moments after the stewardess tries to ask Keith out!

My other favorite part of this is that they somehow got a song on this soundtrack that sounds exactly like “Fantasy” but just one small note or two off. I was wondering how Footage Films swung that kind of budget! It does have Justin Sweat — and his dad Keith in a small role — in the cast though.

The more I watch movies like this, the closer I am to inventing a new genre for them. I’ve brought it up before, but I really am wondering if there can be urban giallo, a world that has hip hop instead of Morricone, Ciroc instead of J&B and club scenes instead of wild parties where women show up in paper dresses.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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