TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Assistant (2023)

Dr. Raven Fields (Erica Mena) is a busy always working medical professional that could use an assistant to help her with getting even more done. Normally, I would say that the person she’s picked, Annie Dotson (Parker McKenna Posey), seems nice and would really be a great person to hire, but I am also watching this story on Tubi and know that nothing good is going to come of any of this.

Annie systematically destroys Raven’s life, first by moving in with her, then blocking Raven’s cheating boyfriend Shawn on her boss’s phone, which leads to her dumping him. But once they work it out, Annie starts getting really strange to the point that Raven starts to wonder what’s wrong with her and why she keeps talking to Heather, someone who isn’t there, and why the story of how Raven delivered a baby despite being only a nurse upsets her so much.  As if that’s not enough, Annie starts going all 90s erotic thriller and dressing exactly like her boss.

The truth? Annie is the baby that Raven delivered. When her drug addicted mother Daniella went into shock, she had to choose between saving either the mother or Heather, who was Daniella’s twin. She still tried to save both but it wasn’t enough. After a lifetime of being abused by her mother, who blamed her for Heather’s death, she snapped and decided to come after Raven, who ended up being a better mother to her than she’d ever known. That said, she still wants to kill Shawn.

This was directed by Chris Stokes, who keeps putting movies on Tubi and I keep watching them. Examples include The Stepmother, The Stepmother 2 and Howard High. It was co-written by Stokes and Marques Houston, who was in both of the Stepmother movies and was Roger Evans on Sister, Sister.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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