TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Stepmother (2022)

Imagine if someone made The Stepfather but reversed genders and races and hey — we have a Tubi original!

Directed by Chris Stokes (House Party 4You Got Served) and co-written with Marques Houston, who plays Eddie, The Stepmother finds Zooey (Erica Menda, Love & Hip Hop New York) as the titular black widow stepmother who moves from husband to husband, family to family. She now has not only a new husband, but a new stepson in Scott (Justin Sweat, son of Keith; this movie is filled with R&B people as Stokes once managed B2K).

There’s a scene in the beginning where Scott is sitting with his parents after a graduation party and his mom April (Tanee McCall) yells that it’s time for a dance battle, which she wins, only to have a seizure and die. This should be one of the most dramatic scenes in the movie, but either through bad directing, worse acting or the fact that I am someone who laughs at inappropriate things — perhaps a cocktail of the three? — I laughed like an absolute maniac.

If you love reality TV, Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives of Atlanta is in this as Vanessa. She was on that show with Sweat’s mother, Lisa Wu.

I wanted to love this movie. Unlike so many of the Tubi originals, it never decides to just go for it and be total trash and that makes it just mediocre and boring.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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