TUBI EXCLUSIVE: A Violent Man (2022)

Steve Mackleson (Craig Fairbrass) is twenty years into a life sentence for the double murder of his ex-wife and her lover. He has accepted that he will never see the world again, yet he hopes to protect his new cellmate Marcus (Stephen Odubola), a young black man caught between gangs and his career of dealing drugs, even when in jail.

At the same time, Steve is working with social worker Claire Keats (Zoë Tapper) to get the chance to finally confront his daughter Rebecca (Rosie Sheehy) and try to explain why he murdered her mother.

Directed and written by Ross McCall, who also appears in one scene, this is nearly a single room — a jail cell — film about a hard man remaining that way despite everything jail has put him through. It’s nasty, brutish and unforgiving, much like its lead, who made his name in movies like Villain and Rise of the Footsoldier.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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