TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Stepmother 2 (2022)

Tubi is all over this sequel to their movies thing, now with this second installment of The Stepmother. Directed by Chris Stokes (House Party 4You Got Served) and co-written with Marques Houston, this movie again finds the stepmother  (Erica Menda, Love & Hip Hop New York) moving on to enter and murder her next family. Now she’s both Elizabeth Carter and Diana Valdez and if you think she died at the end of the last movie, well…

Now she has the family of Kevin Smith (Daniel Johnson) in her claws, but when his ex-wife Judi (Janet Smith) and best friend and former cop Chris Harris (Wesley Jonathan) get suspicious, Kevin starts to worry if this is the right woman to raise his son Dustin (LaVell Thompson Jr.). All the same, our stepmother is starting to lose it even more, seeing Frank from the last movie everywhere she goes.

They set up a sequel in this — oh man, can I avoid ever sequels or Tubi? — and the cops are as effective as the ones in any giallo. So of course, I watched this and yelled at the screen the entire time.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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