AMANDO DE OSSORIO WEEK: Escuela de enfermeras (1968)

Lucia (Paloma Valdés) is a wild and free girl who leaves her old life to study to be a nurse and become friends with Cristina (Carlota Avendaño) and Gloria (Manolita Barroso). See, knowing Spanish helps, as this title means School of Nurses.

How does she get in this school? Well, Lucia has run from her billionaire father at the airport because she feels like staying in Madrid. It works, but then she’s hit by a car and nursed back to health by a doctor named Ramón (Carlos Larrañaga). He feels that she needs to get away from her father and start her own life, so he offers her the chance to become a nurse.

This looks like the same quality as a Mexican film from the same era and feels much like an American teen film. What’s surprising is that it was an early film by Amando de Ossorio just as he was finding his way as a director and writer.

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