TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Girls Getaway Gone Wrong 2 (2022)

Remember Girls Getaway Gone Wrong? Well, Parker (Brittany S. Hall), Bailey (Tanisha Long) and Simone (Crystal-Lee Naomi) are back, this time at New York Fashion Week. When Parker loses her lead model for her show, Simone volunteers to step in and Bailey offers to be her accountant. And oh yeah, there’s an assistant named Johnny (Kalonjee Gallimore) but no matter what, everyone always gets in trouble. Parker gets in a fight with another designer Dalia (Gabrielle McClinton) who claims to be working for a famous designer named Cairo (Brenda Braxton), but her designs look a lot like Parker’s, so tea — as the kids say — gets spilled and then Dalia goes missing and Parker is the main suspect.

Things get worse, as Cairo is found dead and Parker’s boyfriend Steven (Marcus Anderson Jr.) gets arrested. Still, Parker signs a contract with fashion CEO Andre Sessex (Kenneth Israel) but then Dalia reappears to warn her of danger right before her show.

That’s not the end of this story but do you really want me to give it away for you? If you liked the first one, well…this is a very Lifetime caper movie for you to enjoy for free. I won’t judge.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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