Dr. Gerald Appleby (Michael Greene) starts to believe that he’s been cloned. That’s because he barely escaped his lab’s explosion and everyone in his life thinks that they’ve seen him in places that he knows that he hasn’t been. He goes on the run, not only chased by mad scientist Carl Swafford (Stanley Adams, Cyrano Jones from the original Star Trek), but also violent thugs Sawyer (Otis Young, Blood Beach) and Nemo (Gregory Sierra, which is disconcerting, because I am used to seeing him as the face of goodness from his role as Det. Sgt. Chano Amenguale on Barney Miller).

Directed by Paul Hunt (he also directed Twisted Nightmare and produced Demon Wind) and Lamar Card (who directed Supervan and Jukebox AKA Disco Fever, as well as the producer of Nashville GirlSavage Harvest and Project: Metalbeast), who co-wrote the film with Steve Fisher, who started writing movies back in 1938 with Nurse from Brooklyn. He also wrote the novel and screenplay for I Wake Up ScreamingHell’s Half AcreJohnny Angel and episodes of Peter GunnMcMillan & WifeCannon and Fantasy Island.

Most people will watch this movie and see a slow moving film that goes nowhere, filled with fish-eye lens addled drug scenes and an overwhelming sense of conspiracy doom. As for me, I read that sentence and only see the positives. Young and Sierra seem to be having a blast, the ending is as cynical as it gets and a lot of the ending takes place inside an amusement park that seems to run itself. It’s a movie that came out on VHS, has had no major DVD release and has never come out on blu ray. It’s almost as lost as a movie gets these days.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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