SLASHER MONTH: Twisted Nightmare (1987)

Directed and written by Paul Hunt (Wild, Free & HungryThe PsychedelicsThe Clones) and shot by Gary Graver, which is pretty much the whole reason I picked it, Twister Nightmare comes very, very late to the slasher cash-in year of 1981, but oh well, right?

Look, if you get a letter telling you that you won a weekend at Camp Paradise and at some point in the past someone whose mom may or may not be a friend of the Christy’s died there and all sorts of rumors of doom keep smacking you in the face, you should probably not go.

That said, there are a lot of dudes in half shirts and Graver knows how to shoot a monster in the woods, all blue lights and fog. If this movie were just those scenes on a loop, I would probably like it more.

This movie is so thirsty to be a Jason movie that it was shot on the same set as Friday the 13th Part III and even has homage, err, rip-off of the pitchform 3D kill from that movie. It also takes a kill from Silent Night, Deadly Night and then decides that its killer can call down lightning as if it were Christopher Lambert whitewashing a movie role.

That said, not many movies have their slasher use hot stones to beat someone to death.

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